Hi Everyone. Hope all is well. Just a quick update. I will be having a colonoscopy this Thursday. Went to see my surgeon with a few symptoms,burning,feeling like I am running a low grade fever, but I'm not. I tell ya, I just haven't been feeling that great. My hips and back ache all the time. My vitamin D level is way down. I am 1 1/2 yrs post treatment and can't believe how I am feeling. To those of you whom I have talked with privately, please continue to know your words of encourgement mean the world to me. If anyone else has experienced these symptoms,please let me know. I guess it is possible that I could have an infection of some sort. I just hope and pray the cancer has not returned. Just needing to vent a little.Scared and confused. I have been going to an ortho Dr. for my developed osteoporosis. Go fiugre,after the radiation, that is when my bones fell apart! Please keep me in your prayers. If anyone can share anything with me, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you all for listening. All the best to everyone..

Donna Rush

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I am glad you are seeing your doctor for your symptoms! The first few years after treatment I experienced many side effects and felt tired and generally under the weather as my body weight worked toward its new normal. I saw my doctor often and was tested and retested for a multitude of symptoms.
Hang in there!
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Prayers for you... Please keep us poste.
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You are in my thoughts and prayers Donna... hang in there hopefully something like an antibiotic will clear it up but good to go and find out with the doc... hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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I am sending you positive thoughts and prayers and hope that you have a clean scope. Perhaps that will give you peace of mind.

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Second Michele's comments...the treatment is brutal and has after-effects for many years. Good to see your doctor and have your concerns sure it is still just the body recovering! HUGS
I'm sorry you are feeling this way. Is there anyway you can get an anoscope done instead of a colonscopy. Or a sigmoidscopy? It would definitely be less invasive to check for any recurrence of the anal cancer. I have one done every 4 months, and just graduated to every 6 months. As for the osteoporosis, I have that going on as well and find myself very achy on some days! My UCSF doc is recommending hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy for that and further healing of my skin. He said they are having really good results with this for post-radiation side effects. Have you had an MRI or X-rays of your hips and back? That's my next step as sometimes radiation can cause tiny fractures in the sacrum or pelvis, as well as avascular necrosis in the femur joint. These are things that I need to see a doc about as well. So right there with you!
hi Daisy. I don't know why my dr. continues with the annual colonoscopies. You would think a sigmoidoscopy would suffice...I had an mri in june and found 2 compression fractures in my lower back and what they call insuffiencey fractures in my pelvis. right away they put me on an injection of prolia. Don't bother. side effects and my vitamin d level still went way down. I am not the typical candidate for osteoporosis. I am 5'10 and not small framed at all. all caused by radiation.i just want to feel better. thanks to everyone for all the positive comments. We sure do need them. I will let you know..
Well, then perhaps some straight talk with your doc is in order. Hope it's not a money thing as would think a colonoscopy nets them more $$ over a sigmoidscopy. I would just hate to do the prep, whereas no prep needed for sigmoid or anuscopy. Also talk with him about hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy. My doc says he is seeing good results with it. And all he sees is Anal Cancer patients as he heads up the Anal Dysplasia clinic at UCSF.
Good luck.
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Hi Donna,

Many prayers to you for good results. I had and still have aches and pains in my lower back and hips and at times pretty bad! All do to radiation.

We are always here to help you through.

Take care

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Oh I forgot to add that I don't understand the yearly colonoscopy either. I just had one and it had been 6 years since my last. I do however get anoscopes yearly at this time before a lot more often. My colo-rectal doctor said I would get colonoscopies every 5 years unless something warrants it sooner. Which I hope not!
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