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Hi Everyone. Just got home from my colonoscopy. Just a little rectal irritation. Yeah! Need to visit my medical oncologist Monday for figure out my I am feeling chilled all the time. No fever though...Hope everyone is enjoying this sunny day. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and caring thoughts. We are all in this together. If it weren't for my family here,I don't think I could deal with the issues that come along. Thanks again for listening.


All my best


Annabelle threw a punch at your cancer.
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Good to have that over with I'm sure. Great that they didn't find anything. I hope you can find out what the chills are from and that your groin pain is better. Hugs
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YESSSS!!! Thanks for the post and the good news, can use every bit I get!
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Happy dance for you Donna!!!! Congrats!

That sounds great let's make a good effort to meet! I am just so happy that everything is good.
Thanks Nancy. so glad I got to know you even through this site. Maybe someday, we can get together since we live so close. take good care and please keep in touch...all my best..
so happy for you, go out and have some fun!
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That is great news on your scope! Woohoo! I hope you get some idea about what is causing your chills and that it's nothing serious.

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Great new!
Hope the chills end soon... This nice sunshine will hopefullyhelp a llittle bit!
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Happy Happy Donna ! thank God hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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So glad it was just a little irritation! Not sure why you should be having chills but I am going to assume it's a good thing you have no fever. Let us know what the oncologist says on Monday!
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