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2016 (2)

July (1)

3 years out: Hi Everyone. Hope the summer is treating you kind...It's been awhile,so I thought I would share my l...

May (1)

weird feelings: Hi everyone...It has been a long time since I have posted...Hope all is going well for everyone. Bee...

2015 (4)

June (1)

Hi Everyone: Hi everyone. Hope all is going well or as well as can be. Wanted to ask opinions and questions about...

March (2)

good news: Hi Everyone. Just got home from my colonoscopy. Just a little rectal irritation. Yeah!! Need to visi...
Colonoscopy : Hi Everyone. Hope all is well. Just a quick update. I will be having a colonoscopy this Thursday. We...

February (1)

Hi Everyone: Hi Everyone. It has been awhile since I've posted, but I do continue to read everyones' posts. The l...

2014 (8)

June (1)

answers to groin pain: Hello again everyone. To those of you who read about my ongoing groin pain, I finally got the answer...

May (3)

Groin discomfort: Hi Everyone. Happy Memorial Weekend. I need some help. Groin pain is bad. Has anyone experienced thi...
Great News: Hi again everyone. Just got home from having the dreaded colonoscopy. Good news, all clear. Just alo...
tomorrow colonoscopy: Hi Everyone. Just needed to chat. tomorrow is colonoscopy day!! Still having some burning and some g...

April (1)

symptoms: Hello everyone. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday. I need some advice. For the past few d...

March (1)

compression fracture: Hi Everyone. Hope everyone is getting through this winter. Spring is just around the corner. The ba...

February (2)

low back pain: Hello everyone. Well, the back pain is justified. I have a compression fracture of L5, (LOWER LUMBAR...
new to the blog but need answers: Hi folks. I am new to this blog. I was diagnosed in may of 2013 with stage 1 anal cancer. Pet scan n...

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February 17, 2014

September 21, 1957

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

May 18, 2013

Stage 1


Fluorouracil (5-FU)


August 9, 2013

rectal bleeding

2 rounds.. mouth sores

25 treatments


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